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About us

The/our story begins in 1932 when the old man Kozas being the only permanent habitant of the beach started from his old house "kaliva" to cultivate/harvest the land and then selling his fresh vegetables in the nearby village of Archangelos.

The beautiful beach, place for local fishermen offered a refuge during difficult times of the past, attracting people from the villages and thus providing an opportunity of trade. Producing the fresh vegetables first hand, along with fried or roasted fresh fish on the side, the old house of old man Kozas was slowly transforming into a cozy place as much for fishermen who wanted a quick and tasty bite while resting as for visitors and travellers who according to tradition were generously treated.

As time passed, the beautiful beach was renamed from Kozas’ to Stegna, taking this name after the dryness and solidarity of the place. During the years, Kozas old house not only remained famous but it became even more popular. It was since then known to be the ultimate destination for eating fresh fish for the locals at the beginning but soon for the first tourists who were emerging at the time.

More than 80 years after, reaching nowadays, the small old house is still here! Staying in pace with our modern times, the KALYBA has given its place to a modern restaurant fulfilling all HAACP ISO standards with a quality trademark of Greek cuisine, loyal to the values and virtues that made it stand out through almost a century. Being run by the third generation of the Kozas family, the restaurant is indeed the ultimate destination for eating fresh fish, an ideal way to introduce its visitors to authentic sea tastes.

Stegna Beach
Archangelos, Rhodes

Phone: (+30) 22440 22632
(+30) 6938 743845




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